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About Sunway's one-touch electric wine opener

Time:2022-01-11 Views:


We produced the first “one-touch” electric wine opener on the market in year 2020. After two years of continuous improvement, this item has become our best-selling product and is deeply loved by customers at home and abroad.

The main innovation is its one-button design. As we know, all other electric wine openers currently on the market were designed with 2 buttons to operate (one button to open the bottle, the other button to remove the cork). We are the first one to do one-button design and it is a touch sensitive button.

1. Specification


2. Composition


3. Outer appearance

Premium surface handling

* The housing of the opener was made of aluminum alloy and it was mirror polished, which makes the opener as smooth as a glossy mirror.

* The battery cover was finished with CD pattern, it makes the opener more upscale.

* The color of the whole opener is a kind of chrome black, which looks more fashionable, concise, and matches with European and American kitchen styles.

4. Including items

* 1pc electric wine opener

* 4pcs rechargeable 600mAh AA Ni-CD batteries (assembled inside the opener)

* 1pc USB charging cable

* 1pc foil cutter


5. Features

* It can open around 70 bottles with one full charge.

* It takes around 6s to open a new bottle.

* The switch button will show three different colors according to the different electricity left.


6. Operation

* Use the foil cutter to remove the tinfoil of the wine bottle.

* Place the opener vertically on the wine bottle; keep touching the switch button until the cork rises out.

* Incline the opener at a 180° angle to remove the cork.