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Butterfly corkscrew

Time:2022-08-02 Views:

The saucer-shaped bottle opener looks like a butterfly, not only beautiful, but also easy to use and easy to use. The saucer-shaped corkscrew mainly uses two-sided lever action to open the wine cork. The saucer-shaped bottle opener adopts the double-sided lever action of the saucer, which is suitable for home use, with high cost performance and easy to use. As early as 1880, this type of corkscrew was granted a British patent. Compared with the last type of sommelier knife, this type of corkscrew is more common in domestic life.

Rabbit corkscrew (rabbit ear corkscrew) is a kind of quick corkscrew, famous for its 2 hands like rabbit ears for clipping the short board of wine. This is probably one of the best corkscrews out there, and the actual operation is relatively simple and not too much.