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Correct understanding of wine corkscrews

Time:2022-08-02 Views:

If you're drinking, there's one thing everyone can't do without - a corkscrew! A wine corkscrew is a special tool for corkscrews, and there are many types. The key is to cut the cap of the wine bottle and pull out the cork. Common types are: seahorse knife bottle opener, rabbit head bottle opener, standard air pressure bottle opener, etc. Today, we will bring you a correct understanding of wine corkscrew

A seahorse corkscrew is a common tool for wine tastings. The seahorse wine knife corkscrew is an astounding design solution. Since its invention by the Spaniards, it has many followers, but no one has surpassed it. Therefore, it is called "the head of the bottle opener". The secondary support point of the Familia-type wine knife is more convenient and labor-saving to open a bottle of wine. Made of high-quality stainless steel and mild steel, it consists of three key parts: the beer sprinkling mouth (when opening beer and corkscrews), auger and serrated knife. Among the most widely known and well-known brands are: Lagio

People who drink take pride in having an excellent wine knife. The Laguiole Castle Wine Knife is undoubtedly the fighter among the wine knives, and the general price is above 250 euros. It is called the French national knife, and it is a French buffalo horn plus steel passport visa, which means the real traditionalization and professional skills of France. Precious natural stone is selected, completely handcrafted by artisans, aura, exquisite, distinctive, enough to highlight individuality and nobility. It is the best among wine knives, a sommelier, an essential and elegant thing for wine fans, favored by big-name stars, and a representative of true identity and taste.