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Heat Secret Wine Opener Review

Time:2022-08-04 Views:

I originally wanted to drink a glass of red wine elegantly, but the moment I opened the bottle cap, the girl turned into a man, which was really inelegant. The bottle opener I got is an electric bottle opener for Huohou Xiaomi red wine, with a very beautiful design. It has three colors of powdered sugar, ecstatic blue, and elegant black. It has a very sense of design. If you don't tell you that this is a bottle opener, I believe you will never think that there is such a beautiful bottle opener. The design is very simple. There are only two buttons on the front to press forward and reverse and a hot LOGO, without any other redundant elements.

Friends who are familiar with the heat must know that this is not the first electric bottle opener of the heat. Compared with the old bottle opener of the heat, the new Xiaomi electric bottle opener is 5mm less in diameter and 34mm less in height and is more compact. , Exquisite as if it is a work of art, whether it is a gift or for personal use, it is a very good choice. The fuselage adopts 10-point high-gloss UV baking paint, which not only enhances the hardness of the main body to 3HW, has good fingerprint resistance, scratch resistance, and strong corrosion resistance, but also makes the surface glowing with a glass-like luster.