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How long can a bottle of liquor last after being opened?

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When everyone drinks white wine, they will encounter a problem, that is:

"After opening the bottle of liquor, you can't drink it all at once. When there may be about half a bottle left, how long can the remaining wine last?"

For this issue, many wine friends have brainstormed ideas, because as long as the bottle cap of liquor is opened, no matter how well it is preserved, the taste will be affected to a certain extent, and the wine taste will change after a long time, even if it is sealed with plastic wrap according to online The preservation method of half a bottle of liquor sealed with wax liquid does not help the result much.

Liquor is different from everyday drinks, because liquor contains alcohol. After opening the lid, the alcohol will fully contact with the air and begin to volatilize. After a long time, the taste of liquor will naturally lose its mellowness when the bottle is just opened.

So how long can the liquor be kept after the bottle is opened? The degree of alcohol volatilization after opening the bottle of liquor is related to the "three factors" of liquor, such as liquor flavor, alcohol content, and the product positioning of liquor in your eyes. to reduce losses.

Factor 1: The degree of liquor is high and low, and the storage time is different

Liquor, as an alcoholic beverage, naturally has high and low alcohol content like beer and whiskey. Low-alcohol liquor is below 30%, and high-alcohol liquor reaches 75%. Take the middle liquor with a mainstream alcohol content of 42% and 42%. Let’s take 53-degree or 52-degree white wine. If it can be stored for a long time, the wine can be more mellow and mellow, and it will definitely be 53-degree or 52-degree white wine.

Because the alcohol content is different, it also means that the alcohol volatilization time is different, and the corresponding storage time is also biased.

42-degree liquor, no matter what kind of flavored liquor, once you open the bottle cap, you must drink it as quickly as possible, because the 42-degree liquor itself has a low alcohol content and the taste of the wine is not very strong. After the bottle is volatilized, the taste of the wine will dissipate very quickly.

So you will find that when a bottle of 42-degree white wine is opened for a month before drinking it, you will find that the wine is not strong at this time, it is particularly good for the mouth, and even has a taste like water. This is because The consequences of a large amount of volatilization of the alcohol content in the wine, and the running of the wine is very strong, as long as the bottle has been opened, even if the bottle mouth is closed, it is of little use.

Therefore, 42-degree liquor can be stored for a year or two without opening the bottle. If the bottle is opened, try to drink it within a month.