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How to remove the red wine cork Butterfly Corkscrew

Time:2022-09-27 Views:

Butterfly Corkscrew Wine corks can be completely removed with a butterfly corkscrew. Butterfly-shaped corkscrew is a tool specially used to open cork red wine. When using it, you only need to use a small beating to draw a circle under the lip of the wine bottle, then use the corkscrew to insert it into the cork, and then rotate it down into the cork. Press firmly on the two arms of the butterfly corkscrew to easily remove the cork.

Open the bottle with a thick book When there is no corkscrew, you can open the wine with a thick book. First, prepare a thick book, press it against the wall with one hand, hold the bottle body with the other hand, smash the bottom of the bottle against the center of the thick book, repeat several times, you can I saw the wine cork rise slowly.

Open the bottle with warm water The cork of red wine can also be opened by the air pressure formed by warm water, that is, put the red wine in warm water, the air pressure will expand the air in the bottle, so that the cork of red wine can naturally move outward, and wait until the cork is loosened to a certain extent.