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Introduction to wine bottle opener

Time:2022-10-27 Views:

How do you use a wine bottle opener -- a T - shaped bottle opener


T-shaped bottle opener is one of the simplest bottle openers. Its advantage is that it is composed of a handle and an auger bit, so it is very easy to use and effortless. Most women will use it, but it has a disadvantage that it is easy to pull out or break the cork accidentally, which will have a great pollution to the wine.

How do you use a wine bottle opener -- an electric bottle opener a bottle opener


Electric bottle opener is one of the common bottle openers, elegant and fashionable in appearance. It uses "paper cutter" to remove the bottle seal. After the bottle opener is aimed at the bottleneck, press the activation button until the rotating sound stops the action, and then press the activation button to exit the bottle cork and open the bottle. It's very simple and convenient. How do you use a wine bottle opener -- a butterfly bottle opener


The butterfly wine bottle opener is composed of two arms and an auger bit. When the drill bit is drilled into the cork, the wings like arms of the butterfly will lift up. When the lifting comes to the end, as long as the arms are pressed, the wine cork will be pulled out with the sound of "wave". Although this kind of wine bottle is efficient and labor-saving, it is large in size and not easy to carry. It is generally only suitable for home use.

How do you use a wine bottle opener -- an ear bottle opener


Ear type bottle opener is a quick bottle opener, named for its two handles like rabbit ears, simple and efficient operation, but bulky appearance inconvenient to carry, expensive, more suitable for the home to open rare edition of high-grade wine use.

How do you use a wine bottle opener --Ah-So bottle opener


Ah-So bottle opener is also one of the simple bottle openers. Just insert two patches into the gap near the cork on the edge of the wooden bottle, and then slowly pull out the cork. The advantage of Ah-So bottle opener is that there is no need to worry about the cork being pulled out, and the residual wood chips will pollute the wine.

The introduction of how to use wine bottle opener, due to space reasons to share here, hope to help you. If you need to know more about the relevant knowledge can pay attention to Qijia net, more information waiting to share with you.