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Second generation bottle opener

Time:2022-09-23 Views:

Stainless steel corkscrew, butterfly corkscrew, seahorse corkscrew, metal corkscrew, multifunction corkscrew, air pressure corkscrew (prototype) and electric corkscrew (prototype). This generation of wine corkscrews began to have diversified functions and are easy to use and labor-saving. For example, a knife appeared in the stainless steel corkscrew, which played a role in cutting the tin foil; while the metal corkscrew began to use the lever principle to achieve the effect of convenience and labor saving. ; The breakthrough of this generation of bottle openers lies in the emergence of the prototype of the third generation of air pressure and electric bottle openers, laying the foundation for the third generation of air pressure and electric bottle openers.

The shortcomings of this generation of wine corkscrews are also obvious. First of all, they are not free from the disadvantage of laboriousness, and they are still not suitable for women; metal corkscrews begin to utilize some physical principles, but the products are bulky and clumsy. Air pressure and electric corkscrews are technically immature and not aesthetically pleasing