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The third generation of wine corkscrew

Time:2022-07-27 Views:

This generation of wine corkscrews includes air pressure corkscrews, electric corkscrews (dry electric corkscrews and rechargeable corkscrews), this generation is developed on the basis of the second generation, with air pressure and electric corkscrews Represented by the corkscrew, it got rid of the laborious and clumsy shortcomings of the first- and second-generation wine corkscrews. It has matured in technology and is fashionable and beautiful in appearance. The notable feature of this generation of wine corkscrews is automatic operation, which perfectly applies modern technology to the wine corkscrew, saving time, effort, convenience and speed, and is more suitable for ladies.

Here are some brief introductions:

Air pressure bottle opener: Principle of use: vacuum air pressure principle, inject gas, generate pressure, and push the wine cork out;

Operation method: Insert the needle of the red wine corkscrew into the bottle from the middle of the cork, and protect the bottle mouth with a plastic protective sleeve; move up and down to inject air into the bottle until the cork slips out of the bottle mouth (usually 4-7 per bottle of wine). can be opened once);

Dry electric bottle opener: Features: Fully automatic operation.

Rechargeable Electric Bottle Opener: Features: Fully automatic operation. Electroplating appearance, fashionable and beautiful.

Operation method: built-in power supply, equipped with charger; press and hold the bottom of the "activation button" until the sound of the rotating action stops, press and hold the top of the "activation button" to withdraw the cork.