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You can't drink wine without several tools

Time:2022-10-19 Views:

A good glass with a good wine is like a beautiful person with a beautiful car. Of course, wine sets are not only accessories, but fully functional wine sets are indispensable tools for tasting good wine. The so-called "wine glass in the dark" shows that wine drinkers in ancient times have had high-grade requirements and exquisite taste for wine.


Bottle opener: Elegant and proper people who appreciate wine must be very particular about the bottle opener. An ordinary bottle opener has only a drill and a handle. It takes a lot of time and energy to open wine, and it is easy to shake the bottle and spoil the taste of the good wine.


Decanter: The function of decanter is to make the red wine fully contact with the air. The red wine stored for many years will have a strange fishy taste, and the real taste will not be realized by directly tasting it. After opening the bottle, pour the wine into a decanter and let it sit for a few hours, allowing it to come into contact with the air in the room before drinking it directly.


Paper cutter: From the mouth of the bottle, you can tear off the paper sealing the wine and open the cap, elegant action, maintain the beauty of the bottle, how can wine lovers be spoiled by such a detail.


Wine glass: Light and transparent As for the wine glass, there is not much to say. In terms of material, the wine glass used to drink red wine must be thin and transparent enough. The way of clever wine drinkers playing with the wine glass is also quite elegant. The red wine is rotated in the cup.


So the wine glass should be made light, pick up will not fall hand; Make it thin so you can see the color of the wine clearly.


Wine STOPper: A bottle of wine is not a taste after drinking it, just like the difference between survival and life. If you can't finish the wine at once, you need the wine stopper to keep the taste of the wine intact, and don't let the air change the mellow and taste of the wine.