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Automatic Vacuum Wine Stopper

Time:2022-01-17 Views:

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We developed our first automatic vacuum wine stopper in 2020, which has been another trending product in the wine accessory industry. The unique outlook design, portable size and simple operation were welcomed by many foreign customers, especially customers from EU countries.




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1. Powered by 2pcs AAA batteries

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2. Led light showing different working state

Vacuum wine stopper-03.jpg

3. Automatic induction of anti-fall

Vacuum wine stopper-04.jpg

4. Dust proof cover keeps the wine stopper clean before and after use

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1. Unscrew the cover and install 2pcs AAA batteries.

2. Place the wine stopper vertically on the bottle and press down.

3. The wine stopper starts working automatically and the top indicator light turns blue.

4. The wine stopper stops working once the inside bottle is in vacuum situation, and the top indicator light turns green.

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