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New Portable Electric Wine Opener Released

Time:2022-02-16 Views:

Electric wine opener-01.jpg

In the past years, some customers gave us suggestion to make a smaller electric wine opener, and now we finally made it. It was not an easy work to shorten our classic styles without any effect to its original function.

size comparison.jpg

The classic styles' length is 252mm, and now we shortened it to 224mm, which looks more cabinet and exquisite. And the power of the motor was not weakened.

Maybe some people would ask why it looks almost the same as the old version. We would like to say that this is our style and our original intention. We want to make this product a classic. When people hear Sunway, the first thing that comes to their mind is what this product looks like. This is our confidence!

Of course, this shorter style is slightly different from the old one in appearance.

Electric wine opener-03.jpg

And we still have two types of this shorter one. One is supported with batteries. Another is rechargeable and coming with rechargeable batteries and USB charging cable.

Electric wine opener-04.jpg

New products are in mass production, please feel free to contact us for more details.