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Wine uses wine keys

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1. The Wine Key, this tool has several parts. You'll see a long metal spiral called a "worm" and a flatter part that acts as a lever when opening a bottle of wine. Depending on the model, your wine key may also have a short blade that you can use to cut foil if the cork is covered. The screw and lever sections will fold into the wine key handle, unfold them, and your key is ready to use.

2 Screw the metal helix into the cork, poking the sharp tip of the helix slightly outside the center of the cork. Turn clockwise gently until only one worm helix is shown. Typically, this will take about six and a half laps.

If necessary, use a blade or worm tip to cut the foil from the cork first.

3 Place the lever on the bottle and the flat bar on the wine key will have two curved notches on its sides. Place the lever so that it is close to the lip of the glass bottle next to the cork. This will provide leverage to help you extract the cork.

4 Shake and twist the cork to remove it, using gentle lateral movements while pulling the wine key handle. If you need more support when pulling, turn your hand to the lever part of the wine key.